18 Aug A Dead Clutch Gave Us Focus – A Pug Story

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 12.47.01 amSo after a disastrous start to the Racenoobs grassroots motorsport campaign at the Sydney Motorsport Park Supersprints in August, with the Peugeot’s clutch being diagnosed as dead by Moto-Miyagi after the 3/4 of a lap in the first session, the plans for the Racenoobs had significantly changed. I sat dead as a doornail at Turn 14, thinking about maybe stacking one car wasn’t going to be the smartest idea. After doing 10 runs at Ringwood Hillclimb 2 weeks before, CJ and myself had hard started the clutch to death. Looking back on the In Car footage from the weekend, I realised it was slipping mid way through the event. At the time, I thought it was just the crappy street tyres losing traction due to the gradient of the track. Little did we know.But lesson learnt, and I guess that is the most exciting thing about the whole Motorsport thing.
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 12.46.49 amSo on the Sunday I rang CJ, and we both decided that getting a second car is going to be the way to go. CJ was excited at the prospect of getting a ride he could call his own. The Pug was ours, but having worked on the majority of the car myself, he was excited for a second car. On Sunday night, he messaged me a picture of Ford Focus. It was $500, and looks pretty amazing. I agreed to go and check it out as CJ was away on work duties. The following day, I test drove the car, and was immediately excited. There was a spark issue and was down on power, but apart from that, the car was clean. The car was bought later that day. CJ has been away the whole week with work, but knowing when he gets back, his first ever track car will be waiting for him. Exciting times.

pug focus

The most exciting thing about it is that the 306 and Focus are basically on par.Both have 1.8 litre engines, both have the same power and torque figures, and both will handle like hell on the track. Way to represent. But as I sat there sitting on the edge of the track waiting to be towed on my very first race meet, I didn’t sit there disappointed. I was excited. I just did 3/4 of a lap, and I already excited about coming back and doing better. And that is the best thing about motorsport. My wallet was crying though, and not from clutch costs, but from the awful steak I bought to cheer myself up later on that day. See you soon Sydney Motorsport Park.

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