Racenoobs SMSP

08 Aug Stage 1 Of Our Journey is Almost Complete

Excitement? For some reason, not at the moment, but I know it will come. When CJ and myself decided we wanted to get into grassroots motorsport, for some reason I didn’t think we would get this far. It seems overly complicated. But after some trial and error, the first real event at Sydney Motorsport Park is finally here. 15 years I have waited, not only to race on a race track, but to race at Eastern Creek. Many nights were lost playing V8 Supercars 3 on the original Xbox whilst drinking cheap scotch, with all the Australian tracks in their beautiful glory. Its also the place where I saw Marcos Ambrose win in the 2003 V8 Supercars Championship.

Marcos Ambrose RacenoobsThere are two interesting things about motorsport in this country. The first one is how strong the motorsport community is and how friendly and supportive everyone is. I spend last year playing as a goalkeeper for Belmont FC and it was one of the most annoying and disorganised experiences of my life. Motorsport in Australia on the other hand is a wonderful community. The MG Car Club Newcastle who run all sorts of different events around New South Wales managed our Hillclimb with precision and ease. The people who had seen the Racenoobs web series came up and said hello and had a chat. It was awesome. The second thing is how deep it actually goes. The ability to work hard and progress in the sport is there. In an age of instant gratification, having something that requires steep learning curves and hard work is refreshing, and is setup to be an awesome next 5-10 years.

Racenoobs Supersprint SMSPSo this weekend will be the Morgan Car Club Supersprint and will be the end of Stage 1 and Season 1 of Racenoobs. The plan to continue to develop and get ready for a massive 2018 is an understatement. Getting enough time behind the wheel to be confident enough to enter State Level Events, and hopefully Challenge Bathurst in 2018. We have accepted that our little Peugeot 306 will not be sufficient for those types of events, so we are looking at developing a second car. Our second goal will be to take the Pug and compete at Targa High Country in November. But who really knows what will happen.

But this letter goes out to all the competitors, clubs, officials, and everyone who keeps that grassroots motorsport clock ticking. Thank you.

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