Comedy Videos

Here is Vontaine Media Group™ Australia Full Comedy Video Collection including videos done with partners Romesh De Silva, Ruwan De Silva, Brak Jones and more. Click on the thumbnail to view the video in a Lightbox Viewer.

Woman Is A Flame Parody (2011)
Matty Harris, Joel Devereux, and Brak Jones - The McClymont's, "A Woman Is A Flame.

120 fps RED Test: Ruge Zombie (2012)
Showing that even after 5 years, nothing is changed, and still idiots. Shot this on a RED-MX.

The Reality Show Part 1 (2009)
Pilot from 2009 from Distant Lamb, beings together 12 people into one house for a strange yet extraordinary style of comedy.

The Rom Com Delusion (2010)
Rome, The Ruge, and Deveski shot and edited this gem out of the blue in 2010, they decided to have a dig at the Rom Com Society.

Mr Mister ‘Broken Wings’ (2009)
Rome, Ruge, Joel, and Guest Star Tim Boyle do a parody of the 1982 Mr. Mister Chart Topping track 'Broken Wings'.

Distant Lamb Promos (2009)
A Complete Compilation of Distant Lamb TV Advertisements for the Summer Festival Livestream Circuit back in 2009.

RDTV – Rescue A Ranga (2011)
Raccoon Dog TV's Gabrielle Burke and Jolen Camilleri talk about the amazing "Rescue A Ranga" Association.

RDTV Brainstorming Session (2009)
The Team at Raccoon Dog TV, the team pitches ideas to their Executive Producer Joel Devereux.