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VFA TV 2013 Advertisement (2013)
This is the Offical Advertisment for the Vontaine Fashion Australia TV Web Series. Animation: Joel Devereux

VFA TV – Eyes Of Envy Photoshoot (2012)
VFA TV present the Behind The Scenes for Eyes Of Envy. VFA TV Filming - Brak Jones

VFA TV – Newcastle Fashion Week (2012)
VFA TV Presents Newcastle Fashion Week 2012. Directed and Edited by Joel Devereux

VFA TV Presents – 18 Karat Woman Short (2014)
18 Karat Woman (Short Fashion Film) In Association With Catfight Collections Newcastle.

VFA TV – Many Faces Of One BTS (2013)
VFA TV BTS (Many Faces Of One Shoot - Denver Jade) VFA TV Filming - Brak Jones

VFA TV Season 2 – Hair Tutorial With Annalisa Tuoto
Hair Tutorial With Annalisa Tuoto Siefken from ipSEITY Beauty And Hair. Boho Beachy Curl

VFA Cairns Winter Fashion (2015)
VFA Cairns Winter Fashion 2015 Film with TEMT, Valleygirl, Gatsby Masterson and Angela Lyons.

VFA Fashion Films: Summer Dreamer (2016)
VFA Studio Fashion Films: Summer Dreamer (2016) Directed by Joel Devereux and Symon Craig